• Cracked Laptop Screen Replacement
  • Keyboard Replacement
  • Power Supplies
  • Boot-up/Windows Problems
  • Wireless/Broadband/Internet Problems
  • Virus/Spyware Removal

  • Larger Hard Disk
  • More RAM (Allows more programs running simultaneous)
  • Windows Upgrades (XP to Windows 7)
  • Addin cards (Wireless/Bluetooth/TV Card/Firewire/USB)
  • Peripheral Installation (Printer/Scanner/Webcam etc.)

  • Virus/Spyware Removal
  • New Program Installs
  • Media Backups (Backup precious photos/videos to DVD/External Drive)
  • Hardware Driver Updates
  • System Healthcheck (Updates/Clear Temp. Files/Remove unwanted programs)

We repair & upgrade all makes of laptop including Acer, Dell, eMachines, HP/Compaq, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba to name but a few.

Q. I've dropped my laptop and the screen has cracked.

A. If you have either a blob like patch, a vertical or horizontal line or funky colours all over the screen then it will need replacing. Depending on the size of the screen new screens typically cost around £50, with netbook sized screens costing around £30 plus labour for fitting.

Q. I have spilt my drink on my laptop or I've lost some keys from my keyboard.

A. First thing to do if you spill liquid on hardware is to turn it off ASAP, as liquid conducts electricity and may short any contacts or components underneath the keyboard. Leave the laptop for 24 hours to dry out and then power on. If all is not well, give us a call but if it is just the keyboard or missing keys then new keyboards typically cost £15 plus labour for fitting.

Q. My laptop won't charge or boot up any longer.

A. First thing to check is the Power Supply which we can test. New Power Supplies start at £10 for 3rd party chargers. Alternatively, this could be a motherboard/power board failure. Prices vary greatly for these parts.

Q. My broadband or wireless has stopped working.

A. First check your wireless is enabled on your laptop. Check your router or modem is powered on and the status lights lit (usually green, if orange/red there is a connection problem). Try turning the router off and back on and wait for it to fully start up (usually about 2 minutes) and then retry connecting to wireless/surfing the web.